Dutch Foundation for Peace, Freedom and Veteran Support

What does history have to teach us and how do we deal with the concepts of freedom and peace in modern-day society?

These are questions we should all consider once in a while, and concepts that should not be taken for granted. They are also the very ideals behind the vfonds (National Foundation of Peace, Freedom and Veteran Support) and its support of Liberation Route Europe Foundation, war museums, museums about resistance as well as war memorial centres.

The vfonds is dedicated to creating awareness and recognition for uniformed personnel who serve the Netherlands all over the world. It provides information, education and publicity for people who have been involved in international peace missions, and it provides support for mission-related reunions and helps societies that want to redirect their activities towards the developing number of younger veterans.

It supports the Liberation Route Europe Foundation in its efforts for keeping the memory of war alive. It supports activities organised by the LREF for the promotion of peace, democracy, moral, ethical, religious and legal law and order, and international justice; and hopes to contribute towards knowledge on military operations and their consequences for civilian populations as well as for the people wearing the uniforms: the people responsible for reinstating peace and security.

The vfonds aims to win respect and appreciation from society for all of these people, by promoting and celebrating liberation, freedom and peace. It hopes to trigger social discourse about the importance of these fundamental ideals and their continuation. It fuels democracy, human rights and international justice and ensures that we all invest in their future: that we all invest in peace.

The vfonds has been a strategic partner and key financial supporter of the Liberation Route Europe since 2012.

More about the Vfonds


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