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Allied Museum Berlin hosts unique exhibition

Allied Museum Berlin

The international travelling exhibition ‘Routes of Liberation’ stops in Berlin. From the 30th of June until the end of August, the Allied Museum in the German capital will host the exhibition, which details the Second World War and its legacies. The exhibition was created by a consortium of organisations from five European countries and has recently welcomed its 100,000th visitor.

‘Routes of Liberation’: a multi perspective view on the legacies of WWII

‘Routes of Liberation’ ( offers a multi perspective view of how Europe managed to handle the loss of freedom, regain it, and maintain it during the past century. A number of examples from the exhibition include contemporary biographies of people from a range of different nationalities, information about the battle in the German Hürtgen Forest and the interactive ‘Rundfunk Liberation Wolnosc’, where people can share their views on social media about what the Second World War means to them.

Epic Story

As one of the first international partners of the Liberation Route Europe the Allied Museum is excited to host this unique travel exhibit”, director of the Allied Museum, Gundula Bavendamm, says. “It tells the epic story of the Liberation of Europe from German occupation in 1944-1945 through the eyes of individuals who whitnessed that decisive period of modern European history. The presentation is a highly welcome complement to our permanent exhibit connecting the history of the Allied Forces in Berlin after 1945 to the Second World War itself. In the year of the 70th Anniversary of the end of the war I can’t think of a better subject.”

The consortium of organisations involved have contributed their own perspectives on how people in Europe lost their freedom during the past century, how they regained that same freedom, and what they are doing to retain that freedom today. “The topics are sensitive. The quality is exceptionally high and unique; thanks to this rather special European consortium”, concludes Victoria van Krieken, director of the Liberation Route Euorpe Foundation – initiator of the exhibition. Berlin is a great location for ‘Routes of Liberation’, Van Krieken says. “Not only because the Allied Museum is one of our most dedicated international partners, but also because Berlin is obviously a very important location in relation to the Second World War.”

Liberation Route Europe

Liberation Route Europe is a continuously growing, international remembrance trail that connects important milestones from modern European history. It forms a link between the main regions along the Western Allied Forces’ advance from southern England to the beaches of Normandy, the Belgian Ardennes, the southern part of the Netherlands, the German Hurtgen Forest and Berlin. The route then continues to the Polish city of Gdańsk, where a democratic revolution for overcoming the division of Europe was launched nearly two generations later.