The LRE Conference is an important element of the LRE Forum, with which we hope to inform, inspire and connect. Held on Thursday, February 7th, 2019, it will reunite all of the LRE’s members, network, stakeholders, and the general public at Claridge, in Brussels, Belgium. With every conference we aim to give an update on the LRE’s activities, to inform participants about upcoming projects, and to provide interesting in-depth presentations and panel discussions. We try to prepare a programme with as many interesting speakers as possible.

With the current passing of the last eyewitnesses of the war, the interplay between history and memory has become even more significant. As such, the conference aims to inspire further work and forge innovative directions in keeping the memory of the Second World War alive – now, and for the future. One of the key goals of the Conference is to articulate how past historical events still have a fundamental impact on the issues in the present day. By bringing together stakeholders from a variety of disciplines, it has become a space where the legacies of World War II can be debated in light of contemporary political, social, and cultural realities.

From engaging historians like Prof. Dr. Sönke Neitzel, to high-level politicians like Frans Timmermans, the LRE Conference invites dynamic speakers, and offers attendees the opportunity to engage and participate in important debates surrounding historical memory, the legacies of Word War II, and contemporary issues related to both.

The LRE is also a network organization, and one of the key goals of the Conference is the opportunity to connect with a large range of international partners, all working on WWII heritage. Consisting of museums, tourism boards, tour operators, travel service providers, governments, veteran organization, WWII heritage organizations, European Parliament members, and universities, and many other organizations.

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Registration and Coffee

Welcome introduction and Keynote Presentation

Session 1: Have we Remembered to Forget? Explaining Europe’s Current Political Challenges through the Legacies of the War.

From the rise of populist radical right movements and of antisemitism throughout Europe to the passing of controversial memory laws, the political upheavals of Europe’s recent past have direct links to World War II. Whether implicit – or explicit in certain cases, as Emmanuel Macron’s recent comments on Philippe Pétain prove – this period in history still shapes our perceptions of contemporary issues. Where can we position ourselves when acts of remembrance and forgiveness, such as Norway’s official apology to the “German girls” who had relationships with Nazi soldiers during World War II, occur in the same week as a march in Predappio commemorates Benito Mussolini’s rise to power 96 years ago?

Lunch Break 

Session 2: The Shape of Memory: The Art of Transmitting the Past

Architecture, literature, television and visual arts: all these disciplines play a unique role in articulating how the memory of World War II is understood. As cultural creators, disseminators, or mediators, those who craft this “shape of memory,” use a number of approaches and face a variety of unique challenges. From conceptualizing of markers for a remembrance trail, designing a museum space, to acting in a World War II-era production, what elements are brought forward? Furthermore, how are these issues approached through the lens of technology? From the simple act of colourising an image, storytelling through innovate visual and audio techniques, to building an entirely virtual world in a video game, how are our perceptions of memory altered by the forms in which we interact with them?


Special Presentation: Europe Remembers and the LRE International Hiking Trail         

Closing Cocktail

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The LRE Conference will be held at the Claridge, in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday February 7, 2019.

Address: Chaussée de Louvain 24, 1210 Brussels.

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