As the annual event received lots of positive feedback and grows in size every year, we decided to expand the 2019 edition to take place over two days. The LRE Forum, our new umbrella event, is composed of the LREXPO, the LRE Gala, and the LRE Conference.

Since 2016, LRE is a membership-based organization. When over 30 international members joined in the first year, we decided that it was important to enable our network to establish lasting links and relationships that crossed borders. Given that this network focus is one of LRE’s unique attributes, we decided to organize an annual event consisting of a half-day conference, a small travel trade market, and a members dinner. The goals of this event were to provide networking opportunities, present relevant news from the sector, present updates on LRE’s work, and enable our members to get in contact with interested travel trade partners. On February 6 & 7 2019, our network joined us in Brussels for just that.