Frank Graham Cycle Liberation Tour

The Frank Graham Cycle Liberation Tour is a Dutch initiative which brings Canadian and Dutch students together into the field of remembrance. Once every two years, fifty students follow the roots of WWII history through Europe, by bike. They visit historical locations, share personal stories about relatives during the war, attend commemorations and meet veterans, including one special veteran, Frank Graham, a Canadian veteran who fought in Europe (including in the Netherlands) during WWII.
It is key to introduce young people to the process of commemorating, because soon it will be their job to spread the word and keep the memories and value of freedom alive. Liberation Route Europebrochure_veteranThey are our new “freedom ambassadors” and will continue to honour our liberators for many years to come.

The Frank Graham Cycle Liberation Tour is part of a series with three similar tours. It started in 2013 with a traditional tour from Normandy to Markelo (NL). The second was an intense tour in 2015 starting in Poland, via Berlin, and back to Markelo, which visited death and concentration camps. A final tour is being organised for 2017 from Southern England back to Markelo, visiting all locations related to the resistance.

Liberation Route Europe proudly cooperates with the Frank Graham Cycle Liberation Tour and assists wherever they can to stimulate this unique way of memory transmission to the younger generation.


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