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The LRE Guide Network

Join the high-level Liberation Route Europe Guide network.

What is the Liberation Route Guide project?


The Guide Project is to recruit and train battlefield guides to interpret the Liberation Route Heritage to visitors from across the world. Liberation Route Europe Guides will provide a quality standard for tour operators and visitors.

Initially we are looking for the best guides from each region. In time membership will be open to guides willing to be trained and validated to the Liberation Route Europe standard.

What do guides get from this?

Guides who become Liberation Route Europe Guides will get the following benefits:

  • Recognition as selected as the best from their region to guide the story of the liberation of Europe.
  • Training in the historic context of Liberation Route Europe.
  • The Liberation Route Europe Guide Handbook.
  • Access to leads from LRE Partners.
  • Opportunity to promote services via the guide page on the Liberation Route Europe website.
  • Promotion to the travel trade via the Liberation Route Europe Foundation in Brussels and Elst.
  • Distance learning training to develop knowledge of destinations and history.
  • Branding, including hats, badges and clothing.
  • Access to a digital network of fellow guides and historians.

What do guides have to do?

Guides  will need to:

  • Apply to become a Liberation Route Guide.
  • Provide their time free of charge for training and validation.
  • Abide by the Liberation Route Europe rules.

How will guides be selected?

Initially we seek guides who are recognized for their expertise in tour management, presentation skills and historic knowledge. Proficient English speakers will be preferred. Selection will take account of the differences between guide accreditation schemes in each region. For the UK we would be unlikely to consider guides who were neither accredited by the Guild of Battlefield Guides nor Blue Badge holders.

How do guides apply?

Complete the application form and send it to us with a short guiding CV.

Join the LRE Guides!

See below some of the guides who are already member of this network.

To what extent is there a standard European historical narrative?

There is no “standard” or “authorised” version of history. There are different interpretations of history. However, the intention is to deliver a wider interpretation that that offered by nation states’ selective memories of the war, and provide an international response, by examining the complex heritage of the Second World War from multiple historical perspectives.

The historic context is based on the Liberation Route Europe Foundation Magna Carta. Co-written by several European historians to reflect the different perspectives of the Liberation and its aftermath.

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