Haus der Geschichte

The Liberation Route Europe will be part of a new German exhibition “Deutsche Mythen seit 1945” (German Myths since 1945), created by Haus der Geschichte in Bonn in cooperation with many international partners, such as the LRE. The exhibition focusses on political myths as a special form of collective memory and its influence on German history since 1945.

Political myths are a form of narration used by a nation to communicate its memory. They are a condensed, trimmed and simplified way of shedding light on the history of a nation, creating a collective identity and confidence for the future. “German Myths since 1945” will analyse important national myths and self-perceptions during the decades of the division of Germany, as well as after reunification. It will show the differences between myths propagandized by the regime in the GDR and the myths of the Federal Republic that grew mostly in consensus within society. In addition to putting their creation on display, the project is going to present how myths are communicated (e.g. the media, monuments, museums, schools) and is going to offer a critical analysis of myths.

The Liberation Route Europe is part of this exhibition as an example of inter-European cooperation on the field of remembrance and the multi-perspective approach.

Date: 14 June 2016
Location : Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig (Forum for Contemporary History Leipzig) – Grimmaische Straße 6, D-04109 Leipzig, Germany.


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