Italy joins the LRE

A delegation of the Liberation Route Europe Foundation made an official visit to Italy in April and July to confirm first partnerships. This means that Italy will officially be part of the Liberation Route European network.

Gustav LineIn April, Italian partners have looked with great interest at the development of our route and as a result the Gustav Line Association and the museum ‘Historiale di Cassino’ have decided to embrace the Liberation Route Europe initiative, and to intiate formal cooperation. As part of this visit to Italy, the LRE delegation attended different activities regarding the liberation of Italy and in Lazio they discussed with their partners how to implement Liberation Route Europe in this region.

Gothic Line - Borgo a MozzanoIn July, it was the turn of the Gothic Line to be the focus of a second visit. Local partners in Tuscany, such as the municipality of Borgo a Mozzano and the guide organization Turislucca have started to formally discuss official cooperation. The visit of the LRE Foundation there focused on the Gothic Line fortifications and battlfefield in the region of Borgo a Mozzano and Barga, as well as the memorial of Sant’Anna di Stazzema.

All these discussion will lead to more concrete cooperation agreements as from the end of 2016. In the meantime, discussions with other Italian partners and regions (for instance Sicily and Emilia-Romagna) will continue to further expand the Liberation Route Europe to Italy.


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