American Friends Fund

LRE working on ‘American Friends Fund’

The Liberation Route Europe, has launched the American Friends of the Liberation Route Europe. This fund will create awareness about the American experience in Europe, honoring the brave men who went to Europe to liberate occupied countries from the Nazis. Over 400,000 didn’t survive. We need to tell their stories, and share a message of peace and freedom that were hard won and must be protected.

Executive Director of Liberation Route Europe Foundation Victoria van Krieken, said: “War is not only ‘black and white’, not only about victory and loss. We want to show the world that every country that was involved in the Second World War had, and has, its own stories to tell. We also want to show the people of the United States how grateful we still are because of what those brave soldiers did over seventy years ago.” Along the Liberation Route Europe, you will find lots of stories about American soldiers, and is a great opportunity for all Americans to experience the personal stories of their fellow countrymen when visiting Europe.

Download the LRE-Brochure-pages.compressed.pdf (PDF, 2.5MB)