10.02.2021 13:00 – 16:00 (CET)

This year’s edition of the LREXPO was held entirely online for the first time. The annual tourism trade expo allowed professionals from the international travel trade industry to network with members and partners of the LRE Foundation.

The LREXPO 2021 started with a workshop on the future of remembrance tourism and continued with twelve one-on-one networking meetings, where our members and partners had the chance to network and discuss potential collaborations with more than 30 tour operators. You can have a look at the programme and list of attendees here.

The 2021 edition of the LREXPO aimed to reflect on the foreseeable future of remembrance travel

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During the initial panel discussion, Jurriaan de Mol (Deputy Director, LRE Foundation), Paul Reed (Head Battlefield Guide, Leger Holidays), Ronnie Weijers (Managing Director, Airborne Museum), Joost Rosendaal (Historian, Radboud University), Miguel Gallego (Head of Marketing and Communication, European Travel Commission) provided the audience with many interesting insights on the current status and future of remembrance travel. 

The growing interest in WWII heritage shown by younger generations, the longing of people for meaningful and outdoor experiences and the pressing need for a more sustainable tourism were just a few of the trends mentioned by our speakers.

After the 12 one-on-one meetings, Joël Stoppels, Project Manager at the LRE Foundation, joined the studio to talk about the Foundation’s international guides network and the related possibilities for both our members and partner tour operators.

10 February 2021


Anouk Susan (Former Director Germany NBTC, Speaker), Jurriaan de Mol (Deputy Director LRE Foundation), Peter Drenth (Deputy of Province of Gelderland)

Panel Discussion: “The Future of Remembrance Travel”

Jurriaan de Mol, deputy director LRE Foundation

Paul Reed, Head Battlefield Guide Leger Holidays, UK

Ronnie Weijers, managing director Airborne Museum, NL

Joost Rosendaal, historian, Radboud University NL

Miguel Gallego, Head of Marketing and Communication at the European Travel Commission, BE


Introducing the LRE Guide Network

Joël Stoppels, coordinator LRE Guide Network, LRE Foundation


Closing Remarks

Anouk Susan & Jurriaan de Mol, deputy director LRE Foundation

LRExpo Hosts and Speakers


Peter Drenth


Peter Drenth is a Dutch politician on behalf of the political party CDA. He has been a member of the Provincial Executive of Gelderland (College van Gedeputeerde Staten) since May 30, 2018. Drenth studied human geography and became a councillor in the municipality of Zeewolde in 2002. He became an alderman in Doetinchem after a few months as a councillor and remained in this position until April 2018, and eventually acted as the longest-serving alderman as acting mayor. At his farewell in Doetinchem, he was decorated as a Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau. On 30 May 2018, he joined the Provincial Executive in the province of Gelderland with the portfolio of vital countryside, economy, energy transition, broadband and the Interprovinciaal Overleg board.

Miguel Gallego

Director Marketing & communication - ETC

Miguel Gallego has more than ten-year experience in destination marketing. Having worked in different levels of tourism administrations, from city tourism boards to regional and national tourism organisations; since 2012 he is Head of Marketing and Communication at the European Travel Commission (Brussels, Belgium), where he coordinates different EU-funded projects in the field of tourism and supports member NTOs’ marketing activities to promote Destination Europe on major long-haul markets. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and a lecturer in tourism. He has contributed to several publications and research papers on destination marketing and tourism development.


Jurriaan de Mol

Deputy Director - LRE Foundation

Jurriaan de Mol is Director Netherlands and Deputy Director of LRE Foundation. Before he joined NBTC, he worked as Managing Director at Regionaal Bureau voor Toerisme Arnhem Nijmegen (Regional tourism board for Arnhem and Nijmegen, RBT KAN).  Prior to this, he held positions at VVV Rotterdam, KLM, Golden Tulip Hotels and Den Haag Marketing. He was also the initiator of the Liberation Route Europe and was responsible for initiating several partnerships, including VisitVeluwe and Toerisme Gelderland.


Paul Reed

Author and Battlefield Guide

Paul Reed is an author and Battlefield Guide at Leger Holidays. He has had a life-long interest in military history, with his father being a WW2 veteran, and both his grandfathers serving in WW1. He studied history at University and went on to do a Masters; after which he began working as a Battlefield Guide in 1987 and joined Leger for their first ever battlefield tour in April 1997. In addition, he works as a Military Historian in television; including numerous documentaries for BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 relating to WW1 and WW2 including ‘Dig WW2’ with Dan Snow and ‘WW1 Tunnels of Death’.

Joost Rosendaal

Historian and publicist

Joost Rosendaal is a historian and publicist affiliated with the Radboud University Nijmegen. He is active in the field of political-cultural history, especially in the field of war and revolution. His research into the Second World War has an international comparative and a multi-perspective approach with an emphasis on the regional differences in perception, and the meaning of war experiences after 1945. He wrote about several books about the Second World War. In addition, he researches bottom-up political-cultural processes with a special focus on revolutionary movements (the Netherlands and France in the Eighteenth Century). Joost Rosendaal is chairman of WO2GLD, a foundation in which museums, institutions and organizations in Gelderland focussing on the memory of the Second World War are joining forces. WO2GLD is committed to making the memory more powerful, durable and qualitatively stronger


Anouk Ellen Susan

consultant and author

Anouk Ellen Susan is a Dutch speaker, trainer, coach, consultant and author currently living in Germany. She actively cultivates her interest in the affairs of both countries, e.g. as a chairman of the Deutsch-Niederländische Gesellschaft in Cologne, or as a “Strategic Marketer”  in the Netherlands’ Institute of Marketing “in 2010 (NIMA C).She was the director of the Netherlands Bureau for Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) in Germany, andworked as a Director of Business Strategy in The Hague. Altogether, she has worked in the marketing profession for more than twenty years.


Joël Stoppels

project manager - LRe foundation

Joël Stoppels has joined the LRE Foundation team as a project manager in January 2018. He is in charge of the further development of the Liberation Route in the northern part of the Netherlands and the Liberation Route Guide Organization coordination. Joël Stoppels is also an accredited member and validator from The International Guild of Battlefield Guides with badge number 70. He did a lot of research in different Allied operations during the Second World War in Holland and is now an expert and guide.

Jos Vranken


Jos Vranken is the CEO of NBTC (Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions), responsible for the development, branding & marketing of destination ‘Holland’. It operates in 11 (inter)national markets as NBTC Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions creating value for destination ‘Holland’ in general and its public & private partners in particular. He represents NBTC in its capacity of co-owner/shareholder of NBTC-NIPO Research, a joint venture between KANTAR TNS and NBTC. In addition, he is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch Football Association and its Financial Audit Committee.


Ronnie Weijers

director - airborne museum

Ronnie Weijers is the director of the Airborne Museum and a Yugoslavian veteran. Previously he has been working as Head of the Public Sector of the National Military Museum in Soesterberg. He has volunteered in 1994 as a conscript soldier for an observer mission in what is now Bosnia and as such began an extensive background in military defence. Between 2003 and 2017 he worked at Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht. On top of the broad experience in the museum world, he has also been active politically, working for the political party D66 between 2002-2003 and 2008-2010. 

LRE Forum 2021

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