Bastogne War Museum

Bastogne War Museum | Colline du Mardasson 5 |6600 Bastogne | Belgium
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With the famous Mardasson Memorial close at hand, the Bastogne War Museum offers a unique perspective into World War II, from its origins to its consequences, with a special focus on the Battle of the Bulge. Young and old, history buff or not, the brand new scenography offers more than a simple visit, but a brand new way of discovering the past.

The name Bastogne is for most synonym with Battle of the Bulge. Hitler’s winter 1944 last ditch offensive in this densely wooded area led to the bloodiest campaign the Americans would go through during the Second World War. American troops were surrounded in this major crossroads for five long and cold days, without proper winter equipment and with limited supplies. Their heroic defense of the town has been remembered as one of the highest feats of arms of WWII.

Four characters, fictive witnesses of the battle, guide the visitors through the main events of the Second World War and the battle of the Bulge. Robert, the American corporal, Hans, the German officer, Mathilde, the Belgian teacher, and Emile, the Belgian schoolboy will give you a fictive but realistic account of the tragic events that took place in Belgium during this bloody conflict.
Completing the experience, the visit is paced by three interactive films. Called Scenovision®, those immersive scenes will put the visitors alternatively in a tent for a press conference announcing D-Day, in a foxhole in the woods along soldiers fighting around Bastogne, and, finally, in a cafe along civilians caught under fire.
Unique in Belgium, the Bastogne War Museum is really the place to be for those who wish to better understand the Battle of the Ardennes in its broader context and live a unique experience in a modern and lively museum.


Unique selling points
• Four characters and three Scénovisions® give a unique immersive experience.
• In 2015 the Bastogne War Museum was elected Traveler’s Choice and #1 of 15 things to do in Bastogne on Trip Advisor.
• Over 1 000 artifacts, counting of course a large amount of military gear, but also exceptional documents and historical objects from civilian life richly illustrate the museum’s course.


“Liberation Route Europe has this huge advantage to put history as well as those involved in its transmission in an international context. We are honored, as a young institution, to be part of that foundation.”

Mr. Matthieu Billa, director Bastogne War Museum