War Museum Eyewitness

War Museum Eyewitness | Maastrichterlaan 45 | 6191 AB Beek | The Netherlands
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Thanks to a daring and contemporary concept, visitors to the War Museum Eyewitness come face to face with a critical period in European history: The Second World War. Various combat scenes are depicted in 13 dioramas populated by 150 life-like figures and original historic objects.

The War Museum Eyewitness is a fairly new museum that tells Europe’s history during the Second World War in a revolutionary way. Through impressive dioramas, visitors witness the 1940 German invasion of the Netherlands, encounter members of the NSB (Dutch fascist party) during the occupation, follow Germany’s advance in Russia in the summer of 1941, and observe their crushing defeat in Stalingrad in 1943. Also brought to life are a razzia (raid) in a Dutch city, the Holocaust, the resistance and what it looks like to go into hiding, the chaotic Battle of Normandy in the summer of 1944, the terrors of the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of the Huertgen Forest in the winter of 1944/1945, and the joyous liberation, followed by the total collapse of the Third Reich, during the Battle of Berlin in April 1945. Thanks to the lifelike quality of these displays, visitors leave with an experience they’ll never forget.

Unique and valuable items are displayed throughout the museum. Uniforms, weapons, and documents all tell the exceptional personal history of the people who used them during the war.

Thanks to the experiences of fictional German paratrooper August Segel, visitors get an impression of life during the war on various fronts. Eyewitness sets itself apart from other war museums by including the German perspective in the history of the Second World War.

At the heart of the War Museum Eyewitness are the people whose tales are brought to life. In this way, the museum offers visitors of all ages a more personal and moving yet educational retelling of the Second World War.

In short, the War Museum Eyewitness is a museum with a story to tell!



Unique Selling Points
• At the Eyewitness War Museum, the people take centre stage through personal stories and rare artefacts. Visitors are also taken to some of the most important battlefields in Europe thanks to the fictitious German paratrooper, August Segel. This allows visitors to experience the history of the Second World War through a uniquely human perspective
• The Eyewitness War Museum displays a highly unique collection of exclusively original German and allied uniforms, weapons, and equipment, presented in a series of dioramas populated with lifelike figures.
• The Eyewitness War Museum is located in South Limburg, situating it within range of the great Western European battlefields of the Second World War. This further sets the museum apart as an exceptionally unique approach to European history.


“The Eyewitness War Museum is in cooperation with Liberation Route Europe, a collaboration we believe will really help put this young museum on the map.“

Wim Seelen, Director, Eyewitness War Museum.