Municipality of Cassino

Comune di Cassino | P.zza A. De Gasperi |03043 Cassino | Italy


Known for the Battle of Monte Cassino, this Italian municipality is located in the region of Lazio, in the western-central area of the country. The four battles of Cassino were among the most important in the Second World War. For nine months, from September 1943 to May 1944, armies throughout the world faced the fierce Germanic resistance attested on the mountains behind the Abbey of Monte Cassino. The city was burned to the ground by bombing and citizens partly displaced. In March 1944, Cassino was completely destroyed by the bombing.
Following these tragic events, Cassino earned a nickname of the Martyr City for Peace and was awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valour as a tribute to those who fought during the Second World War in this region.