Municipality of Nijmegen

Municipality of Nijmegen | Korte Nieuwstraat 6 | 6511PP Nijmegen | The Netherlands
+31 24 329 90 00 | |


Nijmegen – the oldest city of the Netherlands – can be seen as energetic and entrepreneurial. At the same time history is all over the place. The House of Nijmegen History makes people aware of this and includes them with the history of the city. The municipality aims to make the history of the city accessible for everyone. To achieve this, Nijmegen works together with many partners, like the Nijmegen Archive (RAN) and the Radboud University. Everyone who is interested in history or wants to share history is more than welcome in the House of Nijmegen History, states the municipality, “since we love to connect the people of today with the world of the past”.


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