Municipality of Overbetuwe

Municipality of Overbetuwe | Dorpsstraat 67 | 6661 EH Elst | The Netherlands
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The Airborne municipalities of Arnhem, Ede, Overbetuwe and Renkum, the national vfund and the Province of Gelderland have been intensively working together. The aim of this collaboration is to make more of the region’s residents and visitors interested in the Battle of Arnhem’s history throughout the entire year. Remembering, Realize and Experience are the key words.

The interest in the Second World War and the Battle of Arnhem is still growing. The Airborne Region annually welcomes a large number of interested people such as veterans, relatives, tourists, scholars and students. From the Netherlands and abroad. Visiting nearby regions as Veluwe and Nijmegen learn them even more about the whole Market Garden Operation.

From the year 2019, the starting of Remembering 75 Years, and further the region will combine it’s strength even more. They are working on a central website available somewhere in summer of 2018. With collaboration of RBTkan/Visit Veluwe. Agenda for now, type Airborne in Google and you see listed most partners. We have an extensive and growing range of products and services. Available at the Airborne Museum Hartenstein in Oosterbeek, The Bridge to Liberation Experience in Arnhem, Drop Zone Ede, the ‘De Polen van Driel’’ Information Centre and many more partners. Throughout the year they provide us with multiple exhibitions, educational projects and tours (walking, cycling, by bus). They organize public discussions and conferences about peace and freedom as well as public events such as the yearly concerts. Most of these remberering events, such as the laying of the wreath, take place in september throughout the region.

The temporary Airborne Region Coordinator, Frank Verhagen, appointed by the Airborne municipalities in 2018, is at the very heart of this collaboration. He is tasked with coordinating the programmes, to strengthen relationships both inside and outside of the region, increasing the network and making sure the Airborne Region, and with that the story about The Battle of Arnhem, can enjoy the best position through communication and marketing, now and in the future. Liberation Route Europe is one of the partners here.
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