Peter Kruk

Program Manager

Peter Kruk was one of persons who developed and started the Liberation Route in 2008. At that moment the Liberation Route Europe was a project to connect the WWII heritage of the region  Arnhem Nijmegen with tourism and education, consisting of audio spots and educational programs. The following years more Dutch regions joined the Liberation Route and meanwhile the Liberation Route has evolved into a international project, offering a wide range of activities to emphasize the value of freedom. With his tourism and management background Peter Kruk is still closely involved in the Liberation Route. As a project manager he is in charge of the further development of the Liberation Route in the Netherlands, new projects with other partners and several  packages of the international project LRE NEXT. Examples of his activities are the International Four Days Marches in Nijmegen, the international hiking trail Liberation Route Europe (2019) and the Liberation Route Guide Organization.

My grandparents told me about ‘the war’ and made me realize the precious value of freedom. Although they passed away, their message remains. For me. For my family. Actually for all Europeans who had the privilege to grow up in peace. Liberation Route Europe helps us to keep this memory alive.

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