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The Province of Zeeland, Land of the Sea
The entire coastline of northwest Europe, from Le Havre to Hamburg, is quite straight. The one exception is Zeeland, where the land is in the sea. Zeeland’s remarkable position brings a lot of good things, but it also presents many challenges.

Zeeland’s name says it all. Thanks to the many islands, estuaries and sandbanks, the region has a 650-kilometre-long coastline, some 10 times longer than the coast of Belgium. Wherever you are in Zeeland, the open water can be reached within just 15 minutes. Given the proximity of the sea and the interplay between water and land, salt water and fresh water and low tide and high tide, Zeeland is unique when compared with all other regions in this part of Europe.

The region is a popular holiday destination. Whereas in the west, vast beaches hug a seemingly endless sea, the interior is green, expansive and perfect for exploring by bicycle. Visitors can take in the fresh air and the sun and can also enjoy all the delicious produce that Zeeland has to offer. From mussels and oysters to shrimp and fresh fish, tasty delicacies are sourced locally from the sea.
Zeelanders live with the sea, which, over the years, has led to many ups and downs. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, ships from Zeeland sailed both east and west. The combined economic strength of the region’s cities made them as powerful as Amsterdam or London. It’s no surprise then that Zeeland has more than its fair share of historic monuments: you need look no further than Middelburg, Veere, Goes and Zierikzee.

The sea dikes, the Delta Works – with the Eastern Scheldt barrier as the jewel in the crown – and the Watersnoodmuseum (North Sea Flood Museum) bear witness to the long battle against the water. Thankfully, the wind today is once again blowing in the right direction, and many entrepreneurs and organisations are drawing inspiration from the coast and the distinct coastal ambience. As a result, the region plays host to many unique businesses, restaurants, museums and events.
You can find more information about our province and its various events and activities by visiting the Zeeland tourist information website.

Cooperation with Liberation Museum Zeeland
Zeeland Liberation Museum tells the story of Zeeland during the Second World War and offers particular insight into the Battle of the Scheldt. This largely forgotten battle was the longest and fiercest conflict to take place on Dutch soil. The aim was to open the port of Antwerp for the Allied war efforts. The port was a crucial supply line that was key to unlocking the deadlocked offensive in Western Europe. The outcome of the battle was decisive in helping to bring about the end of the Second World War in this part of the continent.

Cooperation with Canada
The Canadian Allies played a crucial role in the Battle of the Scheldt, and in 2014 a partnership with the Embassy of Canada was initiated to obtain national and international recognition for this important conflict. The cooperation with Canada became more concrete when the Canadian ambassador agreed to become a patron of the Zeeland Liberation Museum, which further strengthened the links between Canada and Zeeland. There is also direct collaboration with various Canadian museums and other institutions in recognition of the shared history.

Roosevelt and Zeeland
The Roosevelt family emigrated from Tholen to New York in the seventeenth century and very quickly became one of the most influential families in the city. The family played a decisive role in establishing standards and values relating to tolerance and pragmatism and helped establish a strong commitment to freedom. In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a legendary speech. In his State of the Union Address, he named four freedoms that would later be included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear still underpin the annual Four Freedoms Awards presentation. Zeeland is rightly proud of Zeelander Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Zeeland Liberty Park
Zeeland Liberty Park embodies the firm link between the outcome of the famous battle in Zeeland and the ideals of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The park has a permanent exhibition about Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms, and visitors can discover the connection between the Province of Zeeland, the Roosevelt Foundation and the Roosevelt Information Centre in Oud-Vossemeer.


Unique Selling Points
1. The Delta Works: The 8th wonder of the world!
2. Zeeland, Land of the Sea: 650 kilometres (400 miles) of coastline with no two stretches the same.
3. Land of the Sea! During the Battle of the Scheldt in 1944, there was much fighting around the mouth of the Scheldt, which was aimed at taking back possession of the port of Antwerp.

“The importance and meaning of peace and freedom must be something that everyone, both young and old, can physically and interactively commemorate and experience in the Zeeland landscape. By rolling out Liberation Route Europe in the Province of Zeeland, we’re ensuring that the story of the liberation and the consequences for Europe are kept alive today.”

Ben de Reu, Councillor for Culture

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