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Tourism Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen (Tourism VAN) is proud to be one of the initiators of Liberation Route Europe. Since 2002, (Tourism VAN) has marketed and promoted the Arnhem Nijmegen Veluwe region within the Netherlands and abroad with the aim of increasing visitor numbers and spending in the region. Linking together the tourism sector in the Arnhem Nijmegen Veluwe region and optimising the tourism experience on offer to visitors is key in this respect.

The history of the Arnhem Nijmegen region is directly linked to the Second World War. For example, the Battle of Arnhem and the Rhineland Offensive both took place here. Liberation Route Europe has made it possible to connect historical points of interests with the overall regional tourism product to create an interactive experience for both Dutch and foreign visitors. Director of (Tourism VAN) Herre Dijkema values the partnership with Liberation Route Europe and says, “Commemorative tourism is an important focus for us, so the Liberation Route is a very valuable addition to our overall tourism product.” As the best cycling province in the Netherlands, Gelderland is ideal for facilitating travel between regions. Partnership projects that integrate different aspects of tourism across regions are therefore vital, and Liberation Route Europe is a great example of this. For an overview of current activities, projects by (Tourism VAN) and information about the region, visit

Arnhem Nijmegen Veluwe region
Arnhem Nijmegen Veluwe region – a historic destination

Due to its history, the Arnhem Nijmegen Veluwe region is inseparably linked to the Second World War and the Liberation Route in particular. Many important historic events took place in this region, such as the famous Operation Market Garden, the Rhineland Offensive and the negotiations for surrender at Hotel De Wereld in Wageningen. During a visit to the region, visitors can discover the full story by travelling through the different historic locations along Liberation Route Europe. A wealth of unique information can be found in the National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 in Groesbeek where visitors can relive the liberation. At the ‘Hartenstein’ Airborne Museum on the outskirts of Oosterbeek, visitors can also learn all about Operation Market Garden, take part in the Airborne Experience and literally fight on the front line.

It’s a great opportunity to combine history with the wide range of other options on offer in the region. At, visitors can find all the necessary practical information about the different regions, attractions, places to stay and events. Why not combine your historical trip with a meal at a restaurant in Nijmegen, a beautiful walk through one of the nature reserves or a day of shopping in Arnhem?