Rémi Praud

Managing Director

Rémi is the Managing Director of the Liberation Route Europe Foundation since February 2018. He joined the Foundation in March 2014, as Development and Programs Manager and later became its Deputy Director in January 2016. After his studies in Lyon at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques and a MA in European Affairs, he moved to Brussels to work in relation to the European Institutions. Before joining the LRE Foundation, he was representing the Lower-Normandy Region in Brussels. Rémi is also a visiting lecturer at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Lyon since 2014 where he teaches about European funding programs.

Europeans are currently living in the longest period of peace in history. New generations have no living relatives who have experienced war. This is a unique situation. By strengthening the memory transmission via all possible means (research, education, tourism, commemoration, etc.), the Liberation Route Europe project is an effort to instill an understanding of the hardships and strife, and the concentrated endeavors taken to achieve this peace. By educating people, now and for future generations, we want to help ensure that an event of this magnitude does not happen again.

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