Press trip – Operation Market Garden

In September 2017, the Netherlands commemorates the 73rd Anniversary of Operation Market Garden. In both the Dutch provinces of Northern-Brabant and Gelderland, many activities will take place that are dedicated to this operation, that ultimately failed at the ‘Bridge too Far’ in Arnhem. Liberation Route Europe is working on organising a press trip for journalists who work for national titles or ‘A-class blogs’ in either the UK, Germany, the USA or the Netherlands. This is what you can expect:

Friday September 15:

Morning            –           Arrival at Arnhem/Nijmegen

12:30-14:00       –           Lunch and check-in at hotel

14:00-14:30       –           Transfer to Groesbeek

14:30-16:30       –           Visit National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 at Groesbeek

16:45-17:15       –           Transfer to Arnhem

17:30-18:45       –           Dinner at Arnhem

19:00-20:15       –           Commemoration at Arnhem

20:30-23:00     –           Bridge to Liberation Experience at Arnhem

23:00                –           Return to hotel


Saturday September 16:

Morning            –           (Check-out hotel and) transfer to Ede

09:45-14:00       –           Airborne commemoration and droppings at Ginkel Heath (including lunch)

14:00-14:30       –           Transport to Driel

15:00-16:00       –           Polish commemoration at Driel

16:00-16:30       –           Transfer to hotel (and check-in)

19:00                –           Dinner at hotel


Sunday September 17:

Morning            –           Check-out hotel and transfer to Best

10:00-12:30       –           Visit Wings of Liberation Museum and local Market Garden events

12:30-14:00       –           Lunch

14:00-14:30       –           Transport to National Monument Camp Vught

14:30-16:30       –           Visit National Monument Camp Vught

16:30-17:30       –           Transfer to Nijmegen

17:30-19:15       –           Dinner

19:15-19:45       –           Transfer to location of Sunset March

19:45-21:00       –           Joining the Sunset March

21:00-21:15       –           Transfer to hotel and check-in


Monday September 18:

Morning            –           Check-out hotel and transfer to Oosterbeek

10:00-11:30       –           Visit Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’ at Oosterbeek

11:30-12:15       –           Visit British War Cemetery at Oosterbeek

12:45-14:00       –           Lunch

14:00                –            Return home

Are you interested in partipating on this trip? Please contact Press Officer Jeroen van Wieringen ( as soon as possible to discuss all opportunities.




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