Hiking Trail and Vectors of Memory

From London to Berlin, a trail of about 3.000 km to walk the Liberation Route Europe on the footsteps of the Allied troops.

Liberation Route Europe Foundation cooperated with the Dutch hiking organization Wandelnet and prominent American architect Daniel Libeskind to create the Liberation Route Hiking Trail (hLRE).

To be inaugurated in 2020, and stretching almost 3,000 km from London to Berlin through 5 countries with various branches, while passing through hundreds of points of interest, the route will offer a very special momentum at a time when Europe is commemorating 75 years after WWII.

Also included are routes that branch off from the main route. A network of hiking specialists and historians was established to develop a detailed route based on existing trails (e.g. LAW, GR, FWW), including WWII locations, tourism sites, accommodations and hiking information.

American Architect Daniel Libeskind, in turn, designed a series of route markers called “Vectors of Memory” which will unite, for the first time, countries, regions, important sites, milestones, and stories in the last phase of World War II by celebrating the procured freedom, harmony, and peace.

Photo by Ilan Besor

Photo by Ilan Besor

“This project has strength, as it is based on a
simple thing – on the human foot. It does not require books, it does not require complex tools; it requires nothing more than to walk.

These are the footsteps of the future, something that we
all badly need against the oblivion of forgetting.”

Daniel Libeskind

In collaboration with its partners, Liberation Route Europe Foundation will make tourist hiking guides and maps available, along with a digital route planner, and a stamp collection & completion system. Liberation Route Europe Foundation already offers group hiking tours through its operators’ network in certain parts of the route and is in the development phase in other regions.

Initial crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Though we are working closely with organizations, countries, regions, and cities to “adopt” and sponsor part of the trail, a storyline, and dedicate it to a specific country, region, veteran or organization, we are seeking your support to make this route a reality.

Our aim is to raise the €30.000 during the course of this initial crowdfunding campaign – which breaks down to €10/kilometer of the total length of the hiking trail.

Though our total budget for the two-year program is over €3 million, this first €30.000 will ensure that we can launch this unique project in time for the 75th anniversary celebrations of the end of WWII in May 2020.

The funds raised from this campaign will go towards the project development of the route, including:

  • historical content development
  • website
  • mobile application
  • travel guides

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Ewelina Oksiuta - Project Manager

Ewelina Oksiuta