History through their EYES

History through their EYES

An international consortium of six partners is working on a more accessible way to bring the memory of the Second World War towards the younger generation. The consortium led by the Liberation Route Europe Foundation, will do so thanks to a series of conferences and a traveling exhibition, telling stories of different kind of perspectives on the war.

History through their EYES is a project realized by the Liberation Route Europe Foundation.

Aiming to create a better understanding of the Second World War and of its consequences, this transnational framework will involve the younger generation by showing the importance of freedom, peace, and democracy.

After five successful editions of History Through their Eyes in Normandy, Bastogne, Nijmegen, Berlin and Cassino, the project has come to an end.

You can still visit the online exhibition or watch the video reports from every stop of the exhibition.

Video report Caen 06.08.2018

Video report Bastogne 12.14.2018

Video report Nijmegem 09.19.2018

Video report Berlin 11.08.2018

Video report Cassino 02.15.2019

The EYES project has received funding from the European Union Europe for Citizens program.

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“History through Their EYES”

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Jessica Casagrande - Project Assistant

Jessica Casagrande

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