Online Projects

Online Projects

The LRE Foundation offers a full digital experience of the Liberation Route Europe by using available technologies and developing new projects to provide the best and most diverse experience as possible.

A responsive website in 5 languages

In June 2014, the Liberation Route Europe has launched its first website which included mostly historical content, remembrance sites and information about the Route.

In October 2016, a new website has been launched with a great effort to enhance the visitor’s experience. The database of sites and stories has been increased but most importantly a brand new ‘travel the route’ section has been developed and allowes tourists to visit more easily the route, wether they are a group, individuals or a school.


A mobile application 

In June 2014, at the same time of the publication of the website, a mobile application has been launched, and give the users a chance to visit the route on their mobile. The sites are GPS located and allows visitors to know what to visit around them, read historical explanation about the sites, personal stories, watch videos, or listen to audiostories at the LRE audiospots.

In 2018, a new mobile application will be launched and will focus on the experience of the visitors, with the creation of a itiniraries creation engine for example or enhance community tools. Stay tuned for more information about this new project!

Download the app, for iOS and for Android

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is currently one of the most game-changing technologies. The Liberation Route Europe decided to innovate and create mobile applications including this new possibilities. In July 2016, the first application for the Dutch Province of Limburg has been released, and others for the Provinces of Gelderland, Brabant and Zeeland followed.

These applications serves as teasers for visitors before an actual visit on the ground and along the audiospots network. With no doubt, virtual reality will grow more and will be a core development effort for the LRE.


Latest news about the LRE Online projects


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Jeroen Wijgerse - Online Marketing Coordinator

Jeroen Wijgerse

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