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Seventy years after WOII: we are #gratefulforfreedom


Freedom. To some people freedom means being able to go out with friends. To others, it means being able to choose which political party to vote for. The fact is, whatever freedom means to you, it should never be taken for granted. To emphasise this idea, the Liberation Route Europe Foundation has launched a new campaign in honour of the veterans who fought for freedom during the World War II: the #gratefulforfreedom campaign.

“Unique online campaign honours veterans and focuses on freedom”

This international online campaign has been launched by the Liberation Route Europe Foundation to coincide precisely with the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War II. This is the perfect time to say an extra ‘thank you’ to the veterans who are still alive for their dedication and sacrifice back then. It is also the perfect opportunity to focus on the concept of freedom right now, especially considering the more recent, disturbing developments in certain parts of the world.

Social media

The Liberation Route Europe Foundation is calling on people to share on social media why they are grateful for their freedom. At you can find an overview of the messages sent using a hashtag and gratefulforfreedom. You can watch videos made by people from all kinds of backgrounds as they talk about why freedom is so important to them. Anyone can place a message in their own language via Twitter and Facebook – preceded by the hashtag.

Director of the Liberation Route Europe Foundation, Victoria van Krieken, explains: “We want to keep the memory of the Second World War alive. We want our efforts to be accessible to everyone, especially younger generations, and the Internet is an excellent way of doing that. We can draw people’s attention to our message in different countries all over the world.”

The new campaign fits perfectly with the ideology of the vfonds (Dutch Foundation of Peace, Freedom and Veteran Support), sponsors of Liberation Route Europe. According to vfonds director Ton Heerts, “We should make sure we celebrate the liberation, our freedom and peace, and above all, we should never take freedom for granted.”


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