Travel Trade

Travel Trade

Liberation Route Europe gives a chance to discover and experience the route that the Allied Forces took during the final phase of the Second World War, by the development of an international remembrance trail.

Our aim is to combine the Liberation Route with innovative and sustainable tourism products and special offers. In collaboration with our international partners, we work together to make this essential part of European history more visible and accessible to visitors from all over the world.

Our Foundation works as an intermediary between the Liberation Route Europe brand, its members and partners (museums, tourism boards etc.), and the travel trade industry. By creating partnership with tour operators, travel agencies, educational travel operators, online travel companies, guided tours organizations etc. we create the conditions for a real experience of the Liberaion Route Europe.

We created a Tour & Travel Guide as inspiration and catalogs for travel trade professionals aiming to create co-branded LRE products, and sign a formal cooperation agreement with us. We also organize FAM trips along the route for a better understanding of the possibilities. Last but not least, you can find us at the major European trade shows.


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Jurriaan de Mol - Deputy Director and Director Netherlands

Jurriaan de Mol

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