Cooperate with us

Cooperate with us

Join us and become a Liberation Route Europe Travel Trade partner!

Museums, tourism boards, governments and educational and research organizations are invited to become members of the Liberation Route Europe Foundation to develop their research, education or commemorations projects. In addition to this group of official members, we created a growing network of travel trade partners, including tour operators, travel agencies, educational travel operators, online travel companies, guided tours organizations, hotels, and other leisure-based companies (recreational, cultural and sporting activities).

The first requirement for applying for membership is to comply with the LRE terms and conditions, whereby the products sold by the partner are related to WWII remembrance.  The partner is also invited to agree to the Liberation Route Europe Charter, which details the values we defend and promote.

LRE also promotes the tours and packages offered by its partners on their sites and catalogues, bearing the LRE logo. Our aim is to cross promote these packages and travel experiences with our travel operator partners through our mutual websites and catalogues, with links between our website and the partners’ to drive interest and travellers to their booking systems.

Join our partners!

Travel Trade Partnerships

If you are interested in learning more about the conditions of a partnership with the Liberation Route Europe Foundation, please contact us.

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Jurriaan de Mol - Deputy Director and Director Netherlands

Jurriaan de Mol

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