LRE Tour & Travel Guide

The LRE Tour & Travel Guide presents a wide range of tour and travel packages and sites of interest along the historic route. The tour suggestions included in the T & T Guide focus on either a specific area or event, or are transnational and cover longer stretches of the historic Allied Forces’ advance. Some of the tours suggested are offered and operated by our tour operator partners in their respective regions.

We also offer a section listing members of LRE’s tour guides network organisation composed of knowledgeable and qualified guides to enrich the travel experience of your customers, and to add a professional historic input to your tours. We invite you to use the supporting tools developed by LRE, such as the website, the mobile app, and the soon to be released LRE virtual reality. By combining the use of these tools and the suggestions of our T&T Guide, we hope we can enhance your existing tour offerings and help you reach a greater audience to experience the historic Liberation Route Europe. We cordially invite you to contact the Liberation Route Europe Foundation to join our network and extend this experience to your region of interest.

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LRE Tour & Travel Guide

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